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    the illest alive. mass confusion is an ever evolving creative outlet balancing the harmony of art and activism. we don't have all the answers but if we can at least spark thought, ignite a conversation, we feel like we have done our job. limited prints and garments to keep it fresh.

    Mass confusion refers to a state of widespread uncertainty, disorder, and disorientation. It is characterized by a lack of clarity and understanding about a situation or issue, leading to conflicting opinions, misunderstandings, and chaos. In such a situation, people may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do or believe, leading to feelings of frustration and stress. We are none of these things.

     Mass confusion can occur in many different contexts, such as in a workplace during a major change, like getting fired!! In a political situation during a crisis, or in a community during a disaster like since 2019. In such situations, information may be scarce or conflicting, and people may struggle to make sense of what is happening. The result is a state of confusion and disorder that can be difficult to resolve.

     It is important to address mass confusion and find ways to bring clarity and understanding to the situation. This may involve gathering accurate information, communicating clearly with those involved, and finding ways to bring order and stability to the situation. The goal is to reduce uncertainty and confusion and to restore a sense of direction and purpose.